trunked.png TRUNKED puts you smack in the middle of a contemporary noir thriller where you are the antihero. It's essentially a point-and-click adventure game, but with words instead of graphics. Like a choose-your-own-adventure, as in most Twine games, you click certain highlighted passages of text to make a choice or otherwise continue the story. Text is actually the perfect medium for this particular game, since for most of it you are trapped within the dark confines of a car trunk (or "boot", for those English speakers across the pond).

The story is engaging and the tension is high, which is a tribute to the clear, screenplay-like writing of the game's author, Ian Daffern. You wake up in a trunk with no memory of how you got there. Using your wits and the contents of your pockets, you must figure out how you got into your current predicament and how to get out of it. Then you must face your captors. There are puzzles (albeit fairly simple ones), an inventory, important choices to be made, and a twisty story to uncover. And, like most adventure games, it is an essentially linear story, but it's a doozy.

TRUNKED is a great example of how Twine can be used to tell an exciting story while offering the player meaningful choices that change the experience. I love many of the personal and experimental works made in Twine (and I have no problem accepting the more non-traditionally interactive pieces as games), but it's good to see that the tool can still be used to create an old-fashioned adventure game that almost anyone can enjoy.