tansu zoku.pngThe most recurring joke in Japan's 12th, DanceEvolution-themed Murigee (a 48-hour game jam) is again a simple play on words. "Dansu" (dance) was switched for "tansu" (chest drawer), and mild hilarity ensued. Tansu Zoku (chest tribe), pictured above, involves quickly discerning and inputting the scrambled number to pose before the rest of the tribe. I keep losing the last, speedy round, so good luck there! Tansu ikusei evolution (drawer nurturing evolution) has you click to feed it clothes, rub it to raise its spirits, and drag insect repellent to nurture the drawer.

More musically inclined games include Mouse Mouse Evolution, which requires you to quickly scroll across a tiny keyboard, making sure you highlight the correct key when the blue bars reach the bottom. Murigee Ondo (marching song) asks for a bit of memorization and predictability to have you move the mouse into the pink circular dance areas to score points.

The full list of Murigee entries is here.