mosaic mingle.pngJonnathan Smadello (JohnsProgram of Acoders) is stretching his programming muscles with his latest prototype experiment. Mosaic Mingle is a fun but difficult puzzler that reminds me a bit of Guru Logic Champ, but with pieces that all behave the same aside from having color. With a huge canvas to fill, it can take a bit of trial and error to determine what to fill when. Fortunately, the puzzle shows the entire order of the pieces, so working backward mentally seems like a good strategy.

[EDIT] I spoke with Jonnathan, who suggests the following order to play the puzzles, from easy to hard: triangle, heart, sun, star, grapes, candy, clock.

The developer is looking for feedback on the following:

* is not too difficult to understand. (straight forward concept to me)
* is not too hard to complete, either by level difficulty or limitations. (15 minutes into the first puzzle, I can't finish the clock)
* won't be too dull regardless of different puzzles. (exciting to fill the picture while hoping not to run out of spaces
* works on your computer right now. (Windows 8, Chrome works)

How was your experience?

[source: TIGS]