Why did the chicken watch TV? Because he found himself in a twisted little game called Bwak, the latest creation from the Netherlands-based Meh! development team. Sitting up late at night and flipping through television channels can really be a mind-blowing experience in Bwak. You have but one button at your disposal (the Z key), and it's used to change the channel on the television set. You get a point each time you do so, but every few channels, you stumble across... something creepy. Naturally, this raises your heart rate, and let's just say that chickens have a weak constitution.

Don't click too fast, and keep a swift but steady pace to get past the scary parts (Late-night horror movies? Transmissions from beyond?). Bwak is creepy fun, with simple controls but tricky gameplay that will keep you coming back for more. I'd love to see this on a mobile device!