Pwnee Studios is hoping to fill as many swear jars as possible with platformer Cloudberry Kingdom and its potentially insane level design. A publishing agreement with Ubisoft will help them accomplish this goal, as the game is now slated for release across multiple platforms this spring.

Cloudberry Kingdom is a platformer designed to last forever. The levels are randomly generated and adjust to the player's skill level. There are also multiple difficulties, ranging from 'Easy', with basic jumps with next to no obstacles, to 'Masochistic', which has constant lasers, disappearing platforms and swinging spike balls. There will also be an extensive level editor and a bevy of character customization options.

The game's launch target was revealed in the above developer diary on Ubisoft's Youtube channel. Their Kickstarter campaign was a success and ended in May 2012, but they weren't sure what platforms they were going to launch on back then. The power of Ubisoft has helped tremendously, and the game is now confirmed for release on the Wii U, Xbox 360, Playstation Vita and Steam.

[via Polygon]