"Coming as soon as you Greenlight this," says the trailer, Cellar Door Games' Rogue Legacy for Windows is a side-scrolling semi-rogue-like action game taking place in a procedurally generated castle. Instead of total permadeath, players pass their knowledge to their offspring, unlocking new abilities and making them stronger and tougher.

I asked Teddy Lee to explain the game a little more to us. "So, in Rogue Legacy, every time you die, you have to pick your next child to avenge you. But you don't get to pick what your child specializes in. That means they have their own Class preference, and Genetic Traits. So you don't pick a child and keep rolling a Knight.

"You might not even be able to choose a Knight if it's not available. And your Knight might be an Ectomorph (so he gets knocked back really far when hit). Or he might be Near-sighted, so everything far away is blurry, so it's never as simple as just picking your favorite class.

"On top of that, each child has a spell preference. So you might have a spell you like rolling with (such as Fire Shield), but it could end up on the Mage Class, who you don't like playing as (But mages are OP if you know how to play as them, so you'd be CRAZY not to run them).

"But yeah, every time you pick a child, at least for me, I find myself sitting there, deciding on who I really want. It can be pretty tough. Sometimes I get a bunch of bad children, and I'm like... I hate all my children. Jking. Sort of. Or sometimes I'd get 2 really good children, and then I'm stuck deciding which of those I want. It's a nice break in between lives."

Cellar Door has a wonderful track record here at IndieGames, whether going for the shmup genre in Bullet Audyssey, tower defense in Villainous, adventure in I have 1 Day, puzzle platforming with My First Quantum Translocator, or quirky typing game Don't Shit Your Pants. Never to back down from a challenge, Cellar Door suspects Mac and Linux ports won't be too hard and will happen if the game reaches a certain level of popularity.

Those who go to vote for it on Steam Greenlight can also leave a comment here to win a free key.