There seems to be little debate that ninjas are among the deadliest things in the world, and you never know when they may be lurking nearby. Expect to feel their power when Polish studio Mass Creation turns your finger into a silent, masked warrior with Draw Slasher on the Playstation Vita.

As Hanzo, it's your duty to dismember the pirate zombie monkeys that plague your land. Don't worry about those pesky buttons -- The touchscreen appears to control every aspect of the game. Whether it's tapping to move to a spot or slashing to attack an enemy, your finger will be the key to putting a stop to the march of the undead horde.

Mass Creation has doubled the amount of content found in the mobile entries for the Vita version by adding new locations and enemies. There will be two extra modes alongside the campaign as well. Survival asks the player to build a kill count to as high a point as possible, while Gatekeeper is a mode where the player must prevent zombies from entering Hanzo's home village.

Draw Slasher will release in the US on April 23 and in Europe on April 24.

[via Eurogamer]