Caravel Games' next Deadly Rooms of Death (DROD) entry now has a teaser full of new turn-based, dungeon-crawling puzzles. The Second Sky is to be "Beethro Budkin's climactic adventure in the Great Beneath, as he goes up against the Underground Empire under the threat of a looming Grand Event," says the YouTube description. The teases in the video include new weapons, new enemies (such as the chain serpent), and duplicator puzzles.

DROD: The Second Sky is set to release sometime within the next twelve months on Windows, Mac, and Linux, confirmed developers Mike Rimer and Gerry Jo Jellestad. Additionally, if enough interest is drummed up in having DROD available on other platforms, the team may consider them. (Please join me in making some noise for these on iPad!)

Those wanting a taste of DROD's devious puzzles for free should check out these browser-based, lite versions before diving into the rich catalog. If you enjoy the lite versions, feel free to vote for DROD on Steam Greenlight. It would go along well with Portal and other brain-teasers on the service.

[Thanks for the tips, Terry C.]