Those yearning for an RPG beyond the golden era of sprites may be in luck when Simon Mesnard releases TBT: The Black Tower on Windws and Mac in the future. This turn-based RPG will not be about love so much but about a forest ranger trying to save a planet in the year 2032, and the main character forms a link with a girl that falls from the sky. The turn-based fighting will introduce a system with up to 3 fighters + 3 supporters in the same battle.

Simon described to me a scenario for the battle mechanics:

"Imagine that the 3 fighters have the usual options (attack, spells, etc...), but they will need the help of their 3 supporters behind to win. You - as the player - choose these 3 supporters to equilibrate your team, and you assign each of them a special action. As a result during battle, the supporters won't have the 'attack' command, which will be automatically replaced by a 'support' command. The effect of the 'support' will depend on your settings, but it can go from healing to stealing some precious XP or Skill Points, which will be distributed at the end of the battle."

The Black Tower's story will run parallel to Simon's previously released game, ASA: A Space Adventure. A crowdfunding campaign will start in May to help Simon and his partner to complete this project. TBT: The Black Tower is already on Steam Greenlight, looking for readers' feedback.