The Mac and Windows musical exploration game FRACT OSC is on track to release in 2013, and the above trailer shows off its polished looks and sounds. In fact, the music was composed entirely in-game in what the developers call the "Studio." In addition to the game coming to PC, the developers have alluded to tweaking the game for Oculus Rift, as they now have a dev kit to explore virtual reality.

I haven't spent much time with FRACT OSC, yet, so I turned to notable indies for their take on Twitter. "Ugh. Fract is gorgeous," Antichamber developer Alex Bruce said. Fist-pumping Steve Swink proclaimed, "CATS YOU GUYS I'M SOEXCITEDFORTHISGMAE AAAH."

For those interested in the game, it sits on Steam Greenlight, anxiously awaiting some votes. Finally, last week Polygon wrote a great feature on it and posted a handful of vibrant photos, too.