Dolphin Squadron.pngThe Windows demo for Dolphin Squadron is a fast-paced, mine-chasing vertical shmup, with players assuming the role of the weaponized dolphin. Players must shoot and dodge their way to a huge mine before it reaches the surface by first destroying a mechanized angler fish that's carrying it, and then sacrificing the dolphin to blow up the mine. The power ups found along the way are key to destroying the attached angler fish.

Controls are simple: UP to launch, HOLD UP to accelerate, LEFT and RIGHT to turn, S or X to fire the secondary weapon, and SHIFT to increase turn sensitivity.

After playing the first stage, if you're on the fence about whether to continue, I'd skip to the fifth stage, as the race takes a very interesting turn mid-way through.

Developers Ryan Huggins, Brook Chipman, and Jack Yeates are looking for feedback on the Windows demo before finalizing Dolphin Squadron in the next few weeks.

[source: TIGS]