turnip.pngJake Normalen Bären Clover releases a lot of games. Some are accessible and fun, and others are experimental and more intended to make you think, or to create a certain mood. All of them are interesting in one way or another, and well worth playing. His latest game (call it an interactive story if it makes you feel better) is a small, quiet, contemplative piece called Duck Turnip.

Assuming the game's title is the name of its main character, Duck Turnip is a lonely creature who lives on a small island. The island has a day/night cycle and frequent thunderstorms. Colorful fish leap from the waters around the island, and giant insects occasionally hang out on the trees. And there's an ancient temple carved in the image of Duck Turnip.

The island's scenery and inhabitants are depicted in lovely, deliberately child-like line art (see Clover's other games to appreciate the variety of visual styles he employs). The only sounds are those of nature. Admittedly, there is not a whole lot to do on Duck Turnip's island other that walk back and forth and appreciate the peacefulness. Don't expect to explore that temple. But one night, our hero hears a plea for help, and discovers that they are not alone on the island. The only way to help may be to leave the island...

This game is short and to say more would be unfair. Instead, experience it for yourself. It's a free download for Windows. Hang out on the island for a while with Duck Turnip and enjoy this little slice of alien bliss.