gearsgators.pngAmon26, developer of gothic creepfest Gyossait, announced a new game release via Twitter. It's called Gears 'n Gators, and it's a more lighthearted effort than his usual fare.The game's a lot of fun for two people, and a multitasking challenge for one.

Designed for two players using one keyboard, the game's premise is simple. You are a hungry alligator stuck in an arena with a bunch of chickens and another alligator. You have one minute to eat all the birds you can catch and avoid the giant gears that are wheeling around the play area. One alligator uses WASD and the other one uses the arrow keys. The game can also be plenty of fun for a single player: See how many chickens you can get in total, or find out which of your hands is most dexterous. Gears 'n Gators is also worth playing for the rollicking chiptune that soundtracks the action.

Gears 'n Gators is a free download for Windows. If you enjoy it, or have enjoyed Amon26's previous games (or his music), consider helping him out.