punksnotdead.jpgBuilt in less than 12 hours by Zak Ayles (AKA mooosh, creator of Sake Express Pro Wrestling), PUNKSNOTDEAD embodies the punk rock attitude to which it pays tribute. It's 1979 and everything is neon pink. What's a young punk to do but PUNCH EVERYONE IN THE FACE?

Use the arrow keys to run and jump and use the Z key to throw ludicrously powerful punches at every pedestrian. Cause chain reactions, explosions, and massive property damage while shouting obscenities. A sludgy punk song about getting punched in the face soundtracks the chaos as you fight your way down the street. Try not to get shot in the head by the occasional jerk in green (there are at least 3 ways to avoid it). Your opponents grow larger in number and size as more and more join the fray. You might find your pink self blending into the crowd, so be sure to stand out--and punch a lot of people! Make it to the end and you'll be rewarded with a tally of your destruction.

PUNKSNOTDEAD is like a punk rock song: brief, brash, energetic, and a hell of a lot of fun. Also, be sure to check out mooosh's other great games on his blog.