ssscfat.jpgBe careful if you visit Switzerland. It's not really the unicorns and dragons you have to worry about; it's the ambulances. Czech developer Jarnik (creator of Clone Wolf Protector and Passengers), in collaboration with the two-person team Please Wait, shows us why in Super Sexy Swiss Cardio Frenetic Ambulance Transplant Team, and the game is just as fun and silly as its name.

Played from a first-person viewpoint, SSSCFATT is designed for three sexy players using one keyboard and a mouse. You can definitely play it with 2 people, but it gets a bit too frenetic (I know, as if there could be such a thing).

You control an ambulance crew trying to deliver a living human heart: one person uses the left and right arrow keys to steer the ambulance, one player uses the space bar in a mini-rhythm game to massage the heart and keep it beating, and one operates the mouse to squeegee blood off the windshield. The copious amounts of blood are generated by plowing into oncoming cars and other obstacles (such as pirates, unicorns, volcanoes, and other classic Swiss sights), and also squirted by the heart when you improperly massage it. Work together as a team and you might make it to the transplant site without wrecking your ambulance or killing the heart. Oh, and watch out for the Angel of Death.

Originally developed for Game Jam Prague, SSSCFATT in its current form is free to play online or to download. Jarnik plans to expand and polish the game before ultimately releasing an OUYA version. In fact, you and your friends have a chance to become obstacles in the final OUYA game. To be considered, all you have to do is record video (and audio) of your team finishing the game. Details are on the website. Sounds easy, doesn't it? So get driving, massaging, and squeegeeing!