[Over the next two days, the blog will share some of the most interesting news found around the internet from GDC 2013 and PAX East 2013. The two conferences occurred back-to-back, spanning March 22 to March 29. Here is the second part of the highlights, starting with the above GDC 2013 time lapse from indie friend and video editor, Kert Gartner.]

Joystiq on 'Home' creator Benjamin Rivers wants to make a psychological dating sim "Like Home, Rivers' next game will likely still be two-dimensional and will focus on psychologically influencing the player in subtle ways, though this time the goal will be to induce emotional attachment to a fictional character, rather than instill terror."

Eurogamer on Knights of Pen & Paper coming to PC and Mac in a new-content-bearing +1 Edition "Fiendishly compelling touch-screen RPG Knights of Pen & Paper is coming to PC and Mac... The +1 Edition content will be offered to owners of the touch-screen iOS and Android versions of the game."

Joystiq on Kentucky Route Zero episode 2 due in April, tragic finale set for January "[T]he game has a definitive finale, without any branching story paths or 'good' and 'bad' endings. And it's not a happy conclusion, at least for some characters."

Indie Statik on Phil Fish's "Your games just suck" comment has caused the Japanese Indie Game Scene to Rise Up "Takumi Naramura, one of the lead developers behind La-Mulana, [] talked about how the Japanese indie game scene is 'on the verge of rising up' as a way of wrapping up his talk at GDC."

PC Gamer on GDC 2013: 18 indie games in 50 words "[T]he annual MIX event (Media Indie Exchange) brings journalists and small, one- or two-person developer outfits together in the same room to mingle, drink beer, and play games without the need for appointments or athletics."

Destructoid on Super Time Force was rebuilt to make time travel awesome "[Capy has now] implemented a flexible timeline system. Now there a lot more ways to choreograph exactly when, where, and what characters pop up in a level, and less obvious ways to exploit the time travel trickery to reduce legitimate challenge."

Joystiq on Among the Sleep aiming for Q4 2013 release "Good news for fans of infant-based horror games, Among the Sleep is scheduled to arrive by the fourth quarter of 2013. At least, that's the plan according to developer Krillbite's Adrian Tingstad Husby. The studio is also planning a Kickstarter for the game this April."

[The first part of the GDC/PAX East catch-up is here.]