There have been quite a few autorunners released in the past few years, but few have featured much in the way of story. Hox The Last Ship, however, is looking to break free and may take the genre to new narrative heights.

Hox is set post-apocalypse, the Earth ravaged by a catastrophe so bad it's causing many people to flee the very planet itself. The goal, as is referenced in the title, is to get onboard the last ship and leave this ruined world behind. Your journey will be filled with danger like bottomless pits to leap over or street sign-wielding rhinoceros-men to hack past with your sword. You will also come across survivors whose conversations can influence the direction of your adventure depending on your dialogue choices, guiding you toward one of the game's multiple endings.

While Hox is currently scheduled for a PC release, Android and iPhone versions are possible if the developer reaches the proper goals on its Indiegogo page. The game is also up for voting through Steam's Greenlight.