With the full beta release of CraftStudio and its hefty new free version, there's absolutely no reason not to try the thing out and be impressed at what an excellently made offering it is. Even if you've never really considered making games that is, as CraftStudio does feel and work quite a bit like a game-making game. A more developer focused version of Minecraft if you will, though this an analogy that obscures the fact that this an actually powerful, unexpectedly versatile and utterly unique tool. Really, just have a look at the games it has already helped spawn.

What's more, CraftStudio has been built as a collaborative/social game creator, meaning that working with others on projects is actually a breeze.

And even though it probably won't let you build your photo-realistic RTS, it will definitely allow for rapid prototyping and make for an excellent and fun to use educational program to ease you into game making. Most probably also let you play around with 3D graphics, as its modeling and animation tools are delightfully easy to understand and fiddle with. Highly recommended!