One of the best parts about the gaming industry is the fact that there's nothing stopping two friends with an idea from keeping the types of games they've always loved alive. While today's low bar of entry can result in some questionable releases, Rex Rocket looks like an honest attempt to prove quality need not be hindered by rose-tinted glasses.

The game's titular character finds himself in quite the pickle when the AI that controls his ship takes a turn for the crazy. The adventure that follows is over 100-levels-long and takes place entirely on board the SS Montana. Combat will be fast-paced and should incorporate moves like dashing, wall jumping and teleporting into the mix. Also, there will be a multitude of offensive options to dispatch foes with, such as tri-bolt laser guns, missile launchers and EMP grenades.

The developers Rob Maher and Tyler Bud (Rob & Tyler) have cited Super Mario Bros., Metroid and Mega Man as influences on their Kickstarter and Greenlight pages. The pixel graphics and soundtrack by Saskrotch help drive that point home. They're shooting for an early 2014 release on PC, but would like to eventually bring the game to XBLIG, Mac, iOS and Ouya.