LEAIT.pngLinux Tycoon and 2299: The Game developer Bryan Lunduke has mad jokes. He released this week the "Lunduke Experimental Artificial Intelligence Engine" ("LEAIT" for short) for Linux, Mac and Windows for $3, with free demos. The goal of the game is to save an A.I. from a virus by deleting your actual files. Talk about committing to the game!

LEAIT bestows a retro-looking terminal that uses basic commands (type "HELP" to see them) to browse around your actual file system. You can also chat with the A.I. named "Ruby", but at some point a virus begins infecting your files and slowly drives Ruby insane.

Bryan describes the rest rather seriously. "The virus cannot be destroyed. Only contained... by deleting your own files. System files. Wedding pictures. MP3s. Work documents. They're all going to need to go in order to save Ruby. Or, at least, save what is left of her now very deranged mind." He also blogs that this is a "deceptively simple game with a lot of weird stuff hidden in the deepest parts of its twisted little mind."

So, sorry bosses, I had to delete my work to save Ruby, or at least prolong her life.