The proceeds for the next three days of Project Zomboid sales on Desura will go directly to help Aliens On My Mind and Homesick developer Chloe Sagal afford a life-saving surgery, The Indie Stone team blogged today. Chloe needs an operation to remove a piece of shrapnel from a car accident.

She has created an IndieGogo campaign to gather funds for the surgery, but the link appears to be suffering from a lot of traffic right now. According to IndieStatik, the campaign is asking for $35,000, with the required surgery costing about $29,000. The second, non-vital surgery is about $25,000. Excess funds will be donated to charity.

In the meantime, you can purchase Project Zomboid from Desura to help. Download links for Chloe Sagal's Homesick for PC are found here.