Sony's Spring Fever promotion is currently in its penultimate week, which means Thomas Was Alone has come out on Playstation Network. Puzzle-platformer fans should take note -- This thoughtful little gem is deeper than its simplistic graphics first imply.

When the game begins the player is given control of Thomas, a red rectangle surprised by his spontaneous consciousness. As you begin to traverse the levels, Thomas' thoughts and observations are narrated by Danny Wallace. The challenges presented in the levels eventually grow past your initial capabilities, so new characters with different attributes and personalities are introduced that help diversify the gameplay. Some jump higher, some can fit into smaller spaces and some can walk on water, but using them all together is the only way to move forward. This also ties directly into the game's theme of friendship in a surprisingly effective way considering the characters are featureless blocks.

Thomas Was Alone is available now for $9.99, but Playstation Plus members can get it for $7.99. The game is a Cross-Buy title, so one purchase grants both the Playstation 3 and the Vita builds. An extra downloadable level pack, Benjamin's Flight, is also available now for $3.49. Windows and Mac versions are also available for the core game, with DLC coming for PC later.