One look at Muteki Corporation's Dragon Fantasy Book I brought a pang of longing to my heart for the days when an amnesiac protagonist wasn't a cliché and traversing the world in a late-game airship wasn't a comfortable-if-overused trope. There are few new games that scratch that itch, so Dragon Fantasy's release is a welcome event.

The game features four chapters, with eight heroes and 80 enemies to fight. One difference this version sports over the original release on iOS is the option to play with upgraded graphics. Muteki has taken the time to reskin the game with 16-bit assets, likening it to when companies would re-release their original NES titles on the Super NES. Players can switch between the original and new visuals at will.

Dragon Fantasy Book I is available right now and can be played on both the Playstation 3 and Playstation Vita thanks to its status as a Cross-buy title. The game costs $9.99 for normal folks, while Playstation Plus members can get it for $7.99 thanks to Sony's Spring Fever promotion.