AbandonedCity.pngThose who enjoy a difficult, top-down shooter should definitely try out the latest Renegade Sector game by Alec Stamos and guest artist Todd Luke: Treasure of the Abandoned City. Unlike Renegade's previous Venusian Vengeance, enemies seem stronger, and players have to ration their weapons more carefully here.

Todd told me that this is the beefiest Renegade Sector episode, yet. "It's kind of like 'Renegade Sector: The Movie,' in the sense that people who aren't familiar with the series can jump right in and partake." He said that the engine is tighter, the enemy behaviors are more varied, it has two bosses and the biggest map, yet. The game also has 5 types of alien plant life to eat, a sarcastic robot, sand, more sand, and a total art overhaul by Todd, himself.

The ad-version of the game is free, but those who wish to support the project can pay what they want for an ad-free version.