TxK-llamasoft.jpgWay before Space Giraffe and Super Ox Wars, Jeff Minter of Llamasoft created Tempest 2000 (T2K), a remake of Atari arcade game Tempest. Twenty years have passed since Tempest 2000's release, and now Llamasoft has announced a follow-up, entitled TxK, for the PlayStation Vita to release in 2013. As written on the PlayStation blog, Jeff aims to do for TxK "what T2K itself did for its ancient arcade ancestor."

He continues, "The new game - TxK - will draw on the spirit of the classic T2K, extending and enhancing it using the fantastic graphical power of the PS Vita system, resulting in what we hope will be a new modern classic arcade shooter."

As expected, TxK will feature new terrains, new bonus rounds, new enemies and weapons. Jeff writes, "PS Vita's beautiful OLED screen will blaze with color and light as we bring to bear 30 years of experience in designing both games and music visualizers, to bring you a game that feels excellent to play and looks stunning and unique. An array of musicians are already at work creating original music that will fit the gameplay perfectly."

[source: PlayStation blog]