abstractno3.jpegThe Button Affair super stylish developers, now called Modern Dream, have announced The Cat that Got the Milk will receive a sequel. Titled Abstract No.3, it will expand on the series' twitchy, path-weaving gameplay and will be the team's first commercial release.

Abstract No.3 is a collection of artistically styled games "that allow the player to explore how shape, texture, colour, sound, music and player interaction drive and create new experiences," explains Oliver Clarke to IndieGames. "The game will be released in parts, the first of which will be called Abstract No3: Kandinsky's Violin. It will feature unique art in the style of the great abstract artist Wassily Kandinsky. It will respond to player interactions in new ways bringing something new never seen before to both Games and Art."

I asked Oliver about some of the features of the upcoming sequel, bound for "multiple popular platforms." He politely replied and even shared a competition-winning drawing that will be featured as a level in the game, after the jump.

How does the art come to life through animation and movement throughout the game?

By making smart use of the animators arsenal of translations, rotations, scrolling UV's & special effects, every scene in the game will be moving and challenging the player to question what they're seeing literally and emotionally.

Could you explain the notion of "how you play will affect the game to create mind bending experiences?"

The game will be very easy to pick up and play and very gradually introduce multiple game mechanics to show the player new perspectives on multiple scenes in an effort to challenge the player to question what they're seeing in the game and hopefully in the real world. The game world will respond to how the player chooses to interact with it, taking them on a journey of their own choice driven by their own mood. Our aim is to have the game create an emotional response through abstract art.

It's a "collection of games" you say and sequel to Cat/Milk. Wasn't the first just one game (rather, one core game mechanic) with several stages/variations? How will the sequel be different?

Abstract No.3 is the best bits of The Cat that Got the Milk, specifically the parts people told us they loved and of course add many more levels than the original game. There will be much more movement and animation in the game scenes to create art works that vividly come to life. Combined with the sound and music, we're hoping to create an emotional resonance with the player.

The game play will be easy to pick up and play but hard to master. We'll introduce new mechanics that explore the worlds we create in new ways from jagged diagonal movements to first person exploration of abstract art works inspired by the style of one of the first true abstract artists Wassily Kandinsky. We plan to create more parts of Abstract No.3 that explore different art styles. Kandinskys Violin is part one.

How about another piece of art from the game, Ollie?

I went to Game City to do a talk on our first two games the other night. I ran a competition at the end to create a piece of art abstract art that described how they felt during the that day. There were 40 entrants and a lot of very cool pieces of work, unfortunately I had to pick one only.

The above picture by Shane Shepard is the winner. In an answer to the question "how was your day?" his response and title of the image was "dont ask!"... we'll be turning his artwork into a playable level in the game.