spring thing 2013.pngHello! I'm Andrew Plotkin. The IndieGames folks have invited me to start posting about news in the world of interactive fiction and other narrative-text-game-experiment-y things.

Of course, those experimenty things have been appearing in this blog all along. (I see posts about Twine, about Christine Love, about Dominique Pamplemousse... just in the past week.) But I come out of the old-school, parser-based IF world, so hopefully that will provide a new perspective.

To start, a small flood of links! (Don't worry, I will also be pointing about specific games in future posts.)

• The 2013 IF Spring Thing is now in progress. This is an annual competition for long-form interactive fiction. (As distinct from the annual short IF comp in the fall.) Spring Thing has three entries this year -- two parser-based, one Twine.

• We've also got the 2012 XYZZY Awards. These are the IF community's annual best-of-the-year awards. It's first-round voting, which means a list of some 400 nominated games -- perhaps too many for a blog post. But! It makes a good lead-in to...

• Aaron Reed (Blue Lacuna, 18 Cadence) looks over a random sample of the XYZZY nominees.

• Emily Short (Counterfeit Monkey, Versu) posts her GDC rant about text in games, including scads of recent IF games and narrative experiments.

• Jimmy Maher continues his Digital Antiquarian series of intensely detailed posts about the history of videogames. He's up to 1983, so Infocom's text games are still dominant, but he's gone through all sorts of topics -- Bill Budge, M.U.L.E., the Commodore 64, just to name a few.

More as it comes over the wire...