Concerned Joe was initially a flash game sponsored by ArmorGames in 2011 where it became pretty famous. In the game, You play as Joe (a little blue character guy) who is concerned about his health. He has a disease called I.H.T.M.O.I.D. (I Have To Move Or I'll Die), so Joe must be in continuous movement or he will explode. After releasing the game and becoming well known, the developers started to work on a bigger desktop version of the game.

The game will feature a lot of funny narration, amazing puzzles, and a friendly level editor. It was previewed in public for the first time at GDC 2013 where the developers say the received great feedback.

The game is developed by Omar Shehata (an Egyptian Indie Developer who is the programmer behind the game) and Xelu (a Romanian artist and animator who made all the amazing art assets of the game). The game is expected to be released by the end of the year; until that time, you can play the flash version.