hate plus.jpgChristine Love's visual novel Analogue: A Hate Story officially received a sequel announcement via her blog. Hate Plus, due Summer 2013, continues directly from the end of Analogue and explores the events leading up to year 0. For those familiar with the characters, Christine notes, "If Analogue was the backstory of *Hyun-ae, then Hate Plus is the backstory of *Mute."

Hate Plus will continue from the first game's save file, and each ending "will have its own route with equal focus. It plays similarly to Analogue, but instead of your AI companion simply showing you files they've picked, you'll have to investigate yourself, and discover what happened together!"

The blog also notes Hate Plus will feature new art, costumes, OST, improved UI, and more writing than Analogue.

This weekend, Christine is appearing at the QUILTBAG Jam, which encourages people from around the world to make games that explore LGBTQ themes.

[source: PC Gamer]