luftrauserssmall.jpgVlambeer's not only known for tight and focused games like Super Crate Box and Ridiculous Fishing. The Dutch independent game studio is also known for taking a stance against game cloning, which is all-too-common on mobile app stores.

The reason Vlambeer is so publicly anti-cloning is because Ridiculous Fishing spawned a clone, which released well before the actual Ridiculous Fishing, and that nearly tore the studio apart a couple years ago.

Now it appears that another one of Vlambeer's upcoming distinctively-styled games, Luftrausers, has been cloned and released on mobile.

Vlambeer's Rami Ismail told Gamasutra over instant messenger that the studio has emailed both Apple and Google about game, which is credited to one "RubiqLab."

"The basic consensus seems to be since [RubiqLab is] using our assets and using fake screenshots exactly like our game that we should just file a complaint," he said.

Asked if he was planning to wait and hope Apple and Google would take the game down, he replied, "[There's] nothing I can do, really. [RubiqLab] is a one-project company -- it might be virtual, we don't know.

"There's no sense in us wasting time and effort that we should be spending on [Luftrausers]."

RubiqLab has denied to outlets including Kotaku that the game was cloned from Luftrausers, and suggested that Vlambeer is probably just "jealous."

Compare Vlambeer's to-be-released (but well-promoted) Luftrausers... this game from RubiqLab that recently appeared on mobile storefronts:

[Kris Graft and Mike Rose wrote this article for sister site Gamasutra]