Ah, the age-old dinner table debate. Meat and cheese versus fruits and veggies. This conundrum has ignited many a family argument based on which you'd rather eat, but Last Limb is hoping you'll make your choice from another angle entirely: Which would win in a fight? Organic Panic champions the burning rage of the healthy option in a world where the unhealthy selection has achieved world domination.

The battlefield is set inside a 2.5D puzzle platformer with heavy emphasis on using the game's physics as a tool. The trailer showcases how characters can crush enemies with platforms, eat through walls to change the environment and burn through wood or turn ice to water using fire. There will be over 100 stages, each built using a level editor that will come standard with every copy sold, so players can stage their own battles long after the war is over.

Organic Panic is already making waves, having won Game of the Night at the NYC Games Forum March meetup. Last Limb estimates development could wrap up in three to four months if they can secure financial assistance and are currently in talks with publishers about releasing the game. It will eventually release on Xbox Live Arcade, though a PC release through Steam may follow eventually.