hurdleturtle2_42913.pngHolmade Games considers the original Hurdle Turtle on XBLIG their most beloved game to date, so it's not surprising to see them return to the track with Hurdle Turtle 2. Don't expect a simple second lap, however, as there are big changes in store for our shell-backed friend.

The biggest change to the formula is that instead of being an endless runner, the game is level based. In fact, some of the levels don't have to do with running at all. Hurdle gains the ability to swim for new underwater levels. Multiplayer shenanigans also gains two more players, now accommodating up to four players.

Holmade has alluded that there more surprises in store for the reptilian runner on their website, though they have yet to be revealed. They're planning to release Hurdle Turtle 2 on XBLIG at some point in 2013, though exactly when is shrouded in mystery.