Magnetism is a cruelly underused game mechanic. There's something inherently cool about the ability to attract and repel objects, or walk along the ceiling a la The Legend of Zelda. These properties have been applied to every level in the remarkable Magnetic By Nature: Awakening.

This eye-catching puzzle-platformer started as a student project at The University of Utah by a group of students who would later become Tripleslash Sudios. They set out to emulate and apply the base elements found in Valve's Portal (namely the momentum and the physics) in a 2D platformer. Players have the ability to attract themselves toward blue magnets and repel themselves away from red ones. It's not uncommon to jump into a pit and draw yourself toward a magnetic point only to launch yourself across the gap using the momentum. The physics feel incredibly polished and facilitate some pretty ingenious challenges.

Magnetic By Nature: Awakening is available on XBLIG right now for 80 Microsoft points ($1), though it serves as something of a preview version of the full PC release that's currently in development. Tripleslash said there is far more content planned that wouldn't fit in the current release. The game is currently up on Kickstarter and is scheduled for release later this year should the team meet their goal.