Red Little House Studios wants to revisit the stylish animation of the 1930s and ditch the damsel in distress trope in its isometric puzzle adventure Fleish & Cherry in Crazy Hotel. Cherry will save the "dude in distress" in a series of environmental puzzles and graphic adventure scenarios that fill 5 chapters. Fleish & Cherry will be in English and Spanish and be available for Windows, Mac, and Linux in September 2014, but first it has a bit of crowdfunding and Greenlighting to do.

Borja Ruiz is the concept author and designer, who worked as a freelance artist for 5th Cell on Super Scribblenauts and Scribblenauts Unlimited. He has a team of six developers who want to make a splash on Steam Greenlight and Indiegogo. The latter has a fixed campaign, meaning the developer needs to hit its 29.000€ mark to receive the funds. I'd like to see them hit their goal to polish the fluidity of animation along with more, diverse puzzles.

For more on the project, read this great interview on Not Enough Shaders.

[Thanks, Alex K.!]