Rhythm detection games on the Apple App store all have the same two main problems, says AudioBrush developer Ollie Edgington."[I]t doesn't feel like your music and the controls are really bad for a touch screen device." Instead, his upcoming touch-controlled rhythm game has multi-genre algorithms to analyze your own song collection and create stages that will "feel like they are your tracks," he claims. Control seems rather simple: players snake their way up and down to the beat-dots to get a high score.

He's rather confident in his game's beat detection. "The algorithms I've used in AudioBrush allow for 90% of genres, whereas all the current apps (except the real DJ) do not, which leads to players believing they're not playing there own tracks." He says AudioBrush has great thresholds for all tracks and finding their beats and rhythms accurately, including chorus and verse detection.

Those interested in AudioBrush can sign up for current beta testing before it releases free on iTunes in July, or check out its transparent development process.