bird simulator.pngMike Guyette's Fishing Game Jam entry casts the role of fisherman to someone other than a human. Here, you play as a diving bird who must consider the wind, your amount of air, and any pesky boaters before taking a plunge in Bird Simulator. You have 60 seconds to dive and kill as many fish as possible. With a constant wind and the inherent nature of flying, it requires a lot of key tapping to avoid drowning and to line up a successful dive.

I would suggest adding longer boats to make them more of a challenge. Nothing worse than getting stuck under a boat when trying to come up for air! I've also wondered how this would be stretched into a deeper game: more fish requiring different or multiple dives? Simulate the act of carrying and dropping off the caught fish to baby birds? In any event, Bird Simulator is worth a few quick dips in the water to see how much you score. Be sure to click in the game area before you start tapping the directional arrows.