fragments of him.pngLudum Dare 26 entry Fragments of Him is a point and click experience that I didn't expect to move me as much as it did. The playable man character tries to cope with losing his lover in a car accident by removing everything from his life that is reminiscent of him. The yellow bar shortens as the player click-erases those painful memory-triggering items.

Developers Mata Haggis, Tino van der Kraan, Elwin Verploegen, and Henriette Sande tell a beautiful story that feels like it focused on the love itself, not who loves whom nor any alienating stereotypes. Every time I clicked the lover away, it impacted me.

I think more meaningful items and fewer items altogether would make the story even stronger and the clicking mechanic less exhaustive. Removing a lot of the clickable items would also help drive home the "minimal" theme around which it was built.

However, it all is powerful enough now that Fragments of Him warrants at least one play through. The devs say there are several randomized audio clips that provide a slightly different experience on repeated plays, too.

For those who can vote for it on Ludum Dare, here is its original link.

[source: Free Indie Games]