consq.pngDeveloper Hypnohustler (Barbarium, Quantum Corps) keeps doing things in Stencyl that impress and amaze. His latest offering is the Ludum Dare 26 competition entry Consequences.

You have but two buttons at your disposal: Z and X. The action of each is shown in the game. There are two sections in Consequences, and your actions in the first affect you in the second. I will describe the first: Keep your ship in the air while avoiding or blasting the strange aircraft that are blocking your way and shooting at you. Similar to modern FPS games, your health will regenerate after being shot if you are not immediately hit again.

A narrative unfolds as you progress, written across the beautifully hued background. To say more would spoil the shocking twist in the second half of the game.

Consequences is playable in your browser, and it doesn't take long--but it might take several tries to beat!