fthisjob.pngCasino Jack emailed us with word of his his Ludum Dare 26 entry, F*** This Job, and it is definitely one of the highlights of the competition. It has been featured on freeindiegam.es and on Indiestatik, and it deserves the honors. The developer is no stranger to minimalism (see Micro Thief), and F*** This Job is probably one of the most enjoyable one-button platformers I've played.

The plot as given is thin but perfect: "Is this all there is? Day after day staring at a glowing rectangle? No...You know what? F*** this job!". Presented in the same color palette as his LD25 serial killer sim Bertie the Butcher, F*** This Job is an attractive and violent game that feels like another cartridge for some bizarre Gameboy-like device that never existed outside of nightmares. You use the spacebar to jump, and your avatar behaves in predictable ways which are explained to you in the game, as the difficulty slowly ramps up to its full sadistic glory.

One of the coolest things about the game is its replay feature. After you beat each level, you are presented with an instant replay of your travails that simultaneously shows every attempt you just made. On the more difficult levels, I watched a parade of my selves being ground by gears, pierced by projectiles, and otherwise splattered as one little sprite made it to the exit.

F*** This Job is playable in your browser. If you're voting in the competition, you should play the submitted version, but if not, you might as well play the more polished post-compo version.