Hedraseed.jpgI know this can be a somewhat contentious sub-genre, but personally I enjoy first-person platformers. Ever since those awful jumping puzzles from Turok: Dinosaur Hunter on the N64 I've longed for that sense of tension you get when you're suspended high above the ground with nothing but your skill with the controls keeping you moving forward. Developer RobKat has made something quite interesting with that in mind for the Ludum Dare 26 competition: hedraSeed.

Players start hedraSeed in a totally white, empty void - with the exception of some twinkling gems floating high above them and a single red block laying on the ground. Upon touching that single red block, a second block will appear - and upon touching that one, yet another will appear. The pattern will continue upward into the sky until you've accidentally "built" a tower. You'll find you've reached a point where you are now able to make some precarious jumps toward the gems you remember seeing that looked so high up from the ground. Upon grabbing all of the gems that can be reached by the first tower a new tower will be started at the ground and the whole cycle starts again.

I really enjoyed hedraSeed and would love to see development for it continue beyond the constraints of the Ludum Dare competition. Despite some occasionally frustrating slippery controls, the sense of tension from being so high in the air was nearly always present and I'd love to see what directions the developer can take the game in given a larger scope.

hedraSeed can be downloaded free for Windows from its Ludum Dare page or played in a browser.

[Nick Reineke is a YouTuber and indie advocate and can be found on Twitter]