lostfluid.pngLost Fluid by JJ Wallace is a short platforming and puzzle-solving adventure that packs some cool surprises and an epic science fiction tale into its brief play time. Take a few minutes (or almost an hour, like I did) to complete this quest and solve an ancient mystery.

Use the arrow keys to control a sentient glob of fluid that crash-lands on an alien planet and must explore an abandoned structure. You'll need to navigate the maze-like station, solve puzzles, outwit the "security system", and uncover the reason for the fluid's very existence. The ending is truly spectacular.

Make sure you wear headphones or turn up the volume when you play; the music and sound effects really make the game come alive. I love the satisfying slurping sound you make as you ooze through the station's Mario-esque green pipes.

You can play Lost Fluid in your browser on Game Jolt or Kongregate.

[via freeindiegam.es]