nakedshades.pngOne of the most fascinating and enigmatic games to come out of Ludum Dare 26 is surely Naked Shades by Porpentine and Andi McClure. This is the first ever online multiplayer game made in Twine. It even uses a dedicated server to house its persistent online world. Your environment and your available actions are affected by those who came before you, and by those who are playing simultaneously. Naked Shades is the rare Twine game that is actually more game than story. There is no exposition, and descriptions are spare, keeping to the Ludum Dare theme of minimalism.

At the beginning, you must choose one of three genders, then you are born into (after)life as a shade, knowing only hunger. Most of the time, your actions are limited to navigating between several evocatively named locations, like the moondust field and the tunnel of thorns. Keep exploring and other options will open up to you. You can do things like discover your song, take a drink of words, change the texture of your skin, and, of course, feast upon the corpses of those who died before you. Like them, you can (and will) be killed by a fickle lamia. But being a shade, you will be reborn into this puzzle-world again. And yes, there is a way to escape and win the game. Can you solve the riddle that is Naked Shades?

Naked Shades is another game made in Twine that is definitely, inarguably a game. Like all Twine games, you can play it in your browser.