Upcoming J-RPG-inspired TBT: The Black Tower returns with more in-game footage, showing off new locations, CG movies, and a glimpse of its battle system. TBT piqued our readers' interest last month, and Simon Mesnard was eager to share more details about his game heading to Windows and Mac.

So far the turn-based battles seem quite classical now, but Simon says the battle system is still in development. He states that it will be inspired by the usual turn-based systems, "but with some improvements like the possibility to place your hero as an Attacker or a Supporter."

I noticed a few options in the battle scenes, and Simon described them to me in a little more detail. "The Fury option is a very powerful combo. You need to fill a gauge first, and it can be the role of the Supporters." For the Cube power, he says it's for the various skills and techniques you can learn from the power of the Black Cube (seen in the introduction). "It's a bit like Magic, but more vast." Lastly, Spirits is the summoning system.

Simon concedes that most of it sounds quite standard for now, but "there are many hidden subtleties." He said that he will soon begin an IndieGoGo campaign for TBT: The Black Tower, which should go live at the end of May.