First-person gaming has largely been about shooting for the last two decades, but the horror genre is incredibly effective from this view. Slender wasn't the first game of its kind, but it certainly ignited new interest in these types of experiences -- apparently players like having the pants scared off of them. Be sure you have extra layers on while playing Maere: When Lights Die, or you'll risk exposing yourself to anyone around by the time it's done.

Maere was put together by a team of four engineering students from France, who are now going by the studio name of Lucid Dreams. The premise of the game is that you have entered into an explorable dream created by your own mind through the wonders of virtual reality. Something has gone wrong, either through the process taking you there or because of something in your head, and you need to find a way out before its too late.

Your actions are limited to moving and looking around, though this lends a helplessness to the events that occur while trapped in the dimly-lit halls that sets a strong mood. There is a palpable dissonance in the air as you move from room to room that should help unnerve the player as well. I won't spoil what horrors may await the interested because the game is free, and it's available right now for Windows, Mac and Linux. Those with an Oculus Rift will find support for their headset goggles, while a pulse sensor that attaches to your head (shown in this developer interview) will be supported in the future for even deeper immersion into the game's world.