himerome.pngAndrew McCluskey (AKA NAL Games) wrote in to let us know about his latest release, Hi Me Ro Me. Developed in only 48 hours for GMC Jam 10 and for Ludum Dare 26, and inspired by the "mad side of Japanese culture", it's a vibrant arcade platformer that plays at a breakneck pace.

The year is 2303. As the daredevil tourist Me Ro Me, you set out to scale the tallest building in the city of Hi, Japan. Use the arrow keys to run and jump up the spiral pathway that snakes around the tower, manoeuvering as quickly as you can to avoid gaps, hurdles, and other obstacles. Keep running, because the yellow beam of the tower's security scanner is rotating around the building as well, constantly at your heels and ready to end your ascent--and your life. Hi Me Ro Me is a free download for Windows.