quar1.pngNoticed on Twitter, Quarantine is the first released game by John T. (Crono Maniac). It would have been a great fit for Ludum Dare 26. It's a minimalist, mysterious little puzzle-platformer with a cool twist. There appears to be a sinister narrative suggested by the game and its title, but nothing is explained in the game--not even the gameplay. You awaken trapped in a large room, encased in a chamber of red blocks. Other blocks in the room are blue and transparent. One of the giant lamps that woke you up is pulsing, as if beckoning you.

I'll break down the basic mechanics now, so don't read this if you want to go in blind, as the author probably intended. Use the right and left arrow keys to walk and to move while falling or jumping. Jump with Z. Pressing X will phase between the red and blue blocks, making one color solid and enabling you to pass through the other. To progress on to the next room, you have to "activate" each of the flashing lamps. The rest is for you to discover.

Quarantine is a free download for Windows and a hidden gem. By the way, be aware that you will need to use Alt+F4 to close the game.