The aural experience Sonic Picnic, Monobanda and In-Visuals teased in November has now released for free for Windows and Mac. "Inspired by games like Journey, Dear Esther and Proteus, we were looking for an experience that will lead players to the far corners of their own mind," says Monobanda's Liselore Goedhart via press release.

In response to a user wishing the game was longer, the developer Sonic Picnic said, "That's exactly our plan, at this moment it's only a prologue of what is yet to come. We are working towards a version which will be much longer."

The world didn't seem to impose any limits on me when I played, though I was continually drawn to the pulsing objects that responded to my clicks. The experience is short enough to absorb in one sitting, just be sure when you download Remembering to have a pair of headphones to surround yourself with the sound.