Armel Gibson's freeware arena shooter MOSHIMOSHI for Mac and Windows requires players to temporarily memorize where enemies are, as they are constantly engulfed by cloaking waves of color. If that doesn't pose enough challenge, try not to smile when hearing the song and sound effects in-game or when reading the life lessons. Originally made for a Braingale Jam in April, Armel emailed us to discuss his creation.

Armel said that he really likes arena shooters, but he wanted to make something different than those that normally rely on upgrades and different enemy behavior. "The color trick only shows 2/3 of the information on screen, so you'll have to memorize positions and anticipate a bit."

As for the song, he posted on the Braingale forum some gifs of the game. London-based composer Calum Bowen saw them, and shortly after he sent Armel the song. Armel said that the rest of the sounds were done with a mic and his mouth.

The wacky MOSHIMOSHI is available for free for Windows and Mac.