notmin.pngWhen you begin This is not a minimalist game, you are a jaded adventurer in the service of a wizard, but you won't stay that way for long. Cursed by an evil sorceror, your world is minimalized and you and everyone else in it are transformed into simple, colorless rectangles with no memory of how things used to be. Faced with something bigger than your usual mercenary exploits, you have no choice but to set about restoring color, detail, and complexity to the world.

This is not a minimalist game is a 48 hour competition entry made for Ludum Dare 26 by Volute (Tinysasters) of StormAlligator. The game is a mini-epic fantasy with a lot of heart. The story is wonderful, and it's especially fun to discover the effects of the changes you bring about, and to see peoples' reactions to them. Minds are blown as average rectangle citizens are faced with updates to reality.

The game is a puzzle-adventure, and figuring out what you're supposed to do is a large part of the gameplay. Because of this, it can get a bit difficult, but you can hit the W key at any point to access a walkthrough. Use the arrow keys to walk and jump, and X to talk to people or pick things up. Items will appear in your inventory at the top of the screen, and you press the corresponding number key to drop/use them. Dropping some items on top of others will combine them. Also, jumping on some items will cause reactions. After you get a map, press 1 to activate it, then press the number next to a location to travel there. Different locations will open up as you progress, and it's a good idea to revisit places you've been after changes have occurred.

You can play This is not a minimalist game in your browser. Go ahead, change the world.