Title: Subtitle by Liz England is a rather experimental and interesting way to reimagine what a platformer could be. Essentially it's mostly by-the-numbers from a gameplay convention standpoint, but the interesting point is that everything you see in the game world is built out of text instead of graphical assets. The walls have a variety of words related to the materials they might be made of, the player is simply written in as the word "player", enemies shoot the word "shot" at you, etc.. It's a simple touch but it allows players to fill in details with their imagination - especially along with the eventual addition of colored text.

Designed for the Ludum Dare 26 competition (featuring a theme of minimalism), Title: Subtitle was made in just 48 hours and I found myself wishing it was longer than just the 6-10 minutes that are available. Give it a free download for Windows at its Ludum Dare page.

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